Our Services

"RD Consulting provided a unique strategy, comprehensive Development Plan, and prospect identification for a complex legal defense fund. The dedicated Consultant who worked on this effort balanced technical legal issues, strong personalities and a narrow pool of prospects while achieving our law firm's objective."
Marc L. Fleischaker, Esq.
Chairman – Emeritus 
Arent Fox, LLP
Development Assessments

During a Development Assessment, RD Consulting evaluates financial data and works closely with the Executive Staff, Board Members and 
others to:

  • Evaluate fundraising practices and results;

  • Review communication materials and solicitation records;

  • Evaluate prospecting, cultivation, and solicitation techniques;

  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of personnel involved with the fundraising; and

  • Measure the quality of the potential philanthropic pool.

Board Development

RD Consulting staff has significant experience working with Board of Directors to teach, coach, and assist them in understanding their fiduciary responsibilities. We often assist with:

  • Evaluating the strength of a Board and making recommendations for improvement;

  • Evaluating and making recommendations on Board Members levels of financial commitment;

  • Training Board Members for using their connections; and

  • Conducting training sessions for Board Members on proper solicitation techniques.

Foundation Research

RD Consulting provides research to institutions to determine which charitable foundations are likely to support its needs. We accomplish this through:

  • Teaching staff and Board Members how to make contact with the most appropriate person at a charitable foundation;

  • Training staff and Board Members to network with charitable foundation contacts;

  • Introducing research techniques for identifying potential charitable foundations.

Corporate Philanthropy

RD Consulting works closely with the Executive Staff to understand the core mission of an organization with an eye towards identifying corporate supporters. We strategize by:

  • Identifying what industry has an interest in the subject matter of the organization;

  • Connecting key corporations from that industry;

  • Creating a Return on Investment (ROI) for those corporate supporters;

  • Teaching staff and Board Members how to make key corporate contacts.

Executive Searches

RD Consulting works closely with Executive Staff to create position descriptions for internal development staff, target searches, and screen candidates. We help our clients secure top-notch development personnel because we understand:

  • The skills needed for the position;

  • The dynamics of each organization;

  • The personalities of the organization; and

  • Use non-traditional methods of identifying candidates.

“The Justice At Stake Campaign was a young not for profit when we retained RD Consulting. We were looking to build a strong Board that would oversee the organization and assist with fundraising. RD Consulting’s services were enormously useful in helping us to develop criteria for new Board members, identify good candidates, and help them to be good fundraisers. Best of all, RD Consulting took our work seriously -- they cared about our mission and moving us forward.”


Bert Brandenburg
Executive Director 
The Justice At Stake Campaign