“The Association of Community Cancer Centers was looking to expand its reach into corporate development. RD Consulting provided a strategic development plan, integrated our current staff in its application, identified key assets of our membership that would interest corporate support, and helped raise ACCC’s brand among corporate supporters.”


Mike Andrews 
Director of Corporate Relations

Association of Community Cancer Centers

Working With Us

It is no accident that certain organizations have more success in raising money than others. The most successful fundraising plans are those that are well-conceived, properly implemented, and strategically executed.

Many nonprofits retain professional fundraising counsel, even those with  full-time development staff. Experience consistently demonstrates outside counsel can increase financial support by a factor of three to ten times compared to what can be done using only in-house staff or volunteers.

There is no obligation or fee for an initial consultation, site visit, or exploratory conversation.

RD Consulting works on a basis of fee-for-service, in the form of a retainer (based solely upon time and professional staff required to accomplish assignments) – never for commissions or percentages, which are unethical.